Jenni B. Baker (1984-2020) WAS A POET & ARTIST BASED IN BALTIMORE, MD. She has created poetry and text objects from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, the Boy Scouts of America Handbook, Grimm’s Household Tales, Washington Post articles, This American Life transcripts, standardized tests, sign language dictionaries, NASA mission voice transcriptions, dream interpretation books, Pac-Man guidebooks, science experiment manuals, video game walkthroughs, chess manuals, Paris Review interviews, internet searches and more.

She is the co-founder of and was projects director at Container, a publisher of text objects. She previously served as the editor-in-chief of the The Found Poetry Review (2011-2017).

Jenni left us in November 2020 after an 18-month journey with Glioblastoma, a rare brain cancer. This site serves as an archive of her life and work.

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